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At Sacred Self Sanctuary

Join us for transformative experiences

Every week at The Sacred Self Sanctuary we host different events, special classes, workshops and short retreats. The space is limited depending on the activity so ensure always to reserve your spot on time.




Alchemical Dance is a style that combines ecstatic dance and intuitive movemnt sequences to generate catharsis and reveal the depths, the invisible. It allows us to access impressions of our physical and energetic body using a symbolic language. Thus, we free ourselves from low frequency energies that are not usually on the surface. Through this practice we are invited to bring the underground waters to the surface and illuminating the shadows that will later be composted and transformed into opportunities to create new paths and realities.


We use sequences of movement, mudras, energetic passes, intentional breath and sound, as we transition to a free and intuitive dance. The dance has a ritualistic and ceremonial character that at the same time travels through qualities of nature such as the five elements, power animals of the Andean cosmoview, forces of the stars, energies of Hindu mythology and more.


Likewise, we travel through our most important energy centers or Chakras, also called Pukios in the Andean tradition.


The mystical or shamanic journeys are a visualization tool towards the corners of the subconscious to lift the veils of the soul.


During these journeys we use the guidance of drums, maracas and the voice, through which the mind manages to reach a state of consciousness in which it is possible to create realities through symbols and images.


We activate the prefrontal lobes, which are a part of our brain capable of generating images and visualizing, thus creating sensations in the body, real sensations, from which we can create new experiences and therefore new possibilities from which to embrace life, outside of the comfortable limits of what we have repeated over and over again, beyond what we believe to be immutable.


I invite you to a powerful transformation through the languages ​​of the soul.


Donation Based

We accept all sorts of offerings

Dollars, colones, incense, Palo Santo, copal, sage, flowers, a drawing, a poem, a note...



Saturday, March 19th, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Location:  en Sacred Self Sanctuary, Playa Chiquita
(Location details will be provided upon registration)

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